Paver Installation in Staten Island, NY

Need Pavers in Staten Island?

Pavers in Staten Island are a versatile and cost effective product that comes in a variety of colors, sizes, and finishes. Paver driveways, walkways, and patios are all possibilities in your landscaping. 

Paver Options for Driveways, Walkways, Patios and Pools

Brick pavers are commonly confused with concrete pavers although they are a different product all together. They are an historic building product that comes in a variety of colors and finishes. 4×8 is the standard size for brick pavers.

Concrete pavers are the most common and well-known type of paver. They are also the most cost effective paver option which is part of the reason they are so popular. Multiple sizes and styles are available to suit any landscape style.

Blue Stone
Stone pavers have a distinct look and are available in several sizes. Stone pavers can have specialty finishes added to them like sandblasted, brushed, and flamed. Stone pavers are not as common as concrete pavers or travertine pavers.

Porcelain pavers are another way to improve your landscape. They make a dramatic statement so the patio itself can be a focal point of the landscape design with little else.

A marble paver is an elegant choice and adds significant value to homes and commercial buildings. Many designs and finishes are available, options are infinitely unique.

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Pavers Staten Island Ideas For Landscaping

Pavers Around Pools
Any type of pavers can be used around pools, but travertine pavers and stone pavers are the most common in pool and landscaping designs. Travertine pool coping comes in different thicknesses and can be bullnose or a square edge. Concrete paver pool coping is normally bullnose. Since pool pavers are so versatile with so many options, they can accommodate any design and installation.

Paver Driveways
Paver driveways in Scottsdale and Paradise Valley are commonplace. A concrete paver driveway installation cost is competitive with colored concrete, but offers many more advantages. Future repairs and maintenance are practically non-existent and its timeless style ensures years of enjoyment.

Pavers with Turf
Pavers and turf make a great combination. Whether it is travertine pavers and turf or concrete pavers and turf, the color contrast adds a dramatic effect to the landscape design.

Paver Patios
Pavers bring style and texture to otherwise boring backyard landscaping. A simple paver design and installation can bring a backyard landscape to life and make it much more presentable.

Paver Walkways
Paver walkways are another creative landscaping technique to add interest to small areas and keep the landscape design theme flowing throughout the entire backyard. New landscaping or backyard landscaping remodels can both benefit from paver walkways.

Paver Pool Coping
Pavers can be used as pool coping also. Most concrete pavers and stone pavers have multiple coping options. In the event a paver is not available our paver installation crews can fabricate the paver coping needed in many cases. Paver pool coping is available in multiple thicknesses, sizes, and shapes.
Benefits of Pavers in Landscaping
  • Cool Surface — Some pavers are relatively cooler than other decking options. Marbella stone pavers and travertine pavers are the most popular options when cooler surfaces are required. There are also several stone pavers with specialty finishes that are cooler pavers to use around pools.
  • Cost Effective — Pavers are a cost-effective option for any landscape. Although not all pavers would be considered inexpensive, many concrete paver installations meet the criteria.
Paver Maintenance—Pavers are very low maintenance. An occasional cleaning is all that is needed to keep your pavers looking beautiful. Washing with a water hose and spray nozzle is will sufficiently clean your pavers.
  • Longevity – Pavers are made to last for years or even a lifetime. They are not going to degrade over time and will bring a dramatic effect to your landscaping whether you have pavers around your pool, patio, walkways, or driveway.
  • Versatility – In the unlikely event a paver cracks or breaks, it can easily be replaced. Unlike concrete, pavers can be replaced without being noticed. If a paver gets stained, replacement of a paver or two is a very non-invasive process. Pavers can also be used for large or small areas, driveways to walkways, and patios and pools.
  • Timeless Style – Pavers have been installed for hundreds of years and are still used today. They are not trendy or in-style. Pavers have stood the test of time and will never go out of fashion. Any landscape style from modern to rustic, traditional to Mediterranean, there is a paver style, shape, and color that will fit the needs. Trust us for your pavers Staten Island needs.


    Do you need a permit to install pavers?

    Not in most cases, but there are some regulations in some cities that paver installation companies in Scottsdale should be aware of.

    Will pavers fade?

    Concrete pavers can fade over time, but not enough to need replacement. It will only be noticeable after several years if you look at them next to a new paver.

    Does water soak through pavers?

    It is a common misconception that water soaks through pavers. In reality, only about 5% of water will permeate through the pavers.

    Ready to have pavers installed?

    Regardless of your style or budget, there is a paver right for you. As a premier landscape design company we have the expertise and knowledge to complete your paver design and installation. From brick and marble pavers to stone and porcelain pavers the options are endless. Call or email today to start the process of Pavers Staten Island design with one of our landscape designers.

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